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So many kids who play volleyball are always so proud of the game although the game as every other game has its own challenges. However being a volleyball kid is what so many people wished they were when they were young. Volleyball kids are usually very jovial people and tend to friends of various sizes and shapes. Listed below are some of the things a volleyball kid show bear in mind in order to become a great and proud volleyball player.

  • As a volleyball kid, nothing is more important than your training sessions. Therefore in order to make your volleyball mom proud and continue to support, a volleyball kid should practice and train regularly so as to become a better player
  • As a volleyball kid, regardless of how many negative talks coaches or friends give you; always believe in yourself. Mistakes during a game and yelling from the crown should not weigh you down but rather stand proud and prove yourself worthy. Always find that motivation within you that can enable you to achieve.
  • As a volleyball kid, always train as a group or in teams so as to improve on your weaknesses or gain some skills from your other teammates who have their own peculiar skills. This can be referred to as training smart because it helps you improve a specific weakness you have.
  • As a volleyball kid, your performance during every game should be your top priority. This implies play every game by given above a hundred percent so as to achieve great fun and who knows someone could be watching.
  • As a volleyball kid, build a good relationship with your teammates' coaches, staff and most importantly parents as their off-field support would play a great role in improving your performance.
  • Volleyball kids should continuously have the burning desire to reach the top and need to build a strong love for the volleyball game.
  • A good volleyball kid plays volleyball with the drive and passion and without interest on the money.

 Reasons To Be Proud Being A Volleyball Kid

  • Volleyball teaches great team work and how to work and succeed with other people.
  • Volleyball keeps your body in great tip top shape.
  • Volleyball teaches you how to learn and analyze your mistakes thus correcting them.
  • Volleyball gives you a variety of friends both tall and short and thus increasing your social interaction.
  • Volleyball is intense thus makes your adrenaline high from excitement.
  • Volleyball gives you cute new clothes and free food.
  • Volleyball is a sport that makes you cheers a lot, you can high-five, yell or scream aloud and even jump up out of excitement. This is not common in most sports.
  • Volleyball is a commonly loved sport regardless of gender, therefore, everyone has a place.