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Recently baseball kids have had difficulties in staying put with baseball as other sports like football and basketball are becoming more popular and have reduced the number of kids playing baseball. Nevertheless, baseball is a game to enjoy with everything from the smell of popcorn, the chatter from the dugouts and the dusty fields. The experience from the game of baseball both on and off pitch makes the game so special and something that every baseball kid should be proud of.

Baseball still remains a popular sport with more kids choosing baseball over their electronic indoor games. Therefore baseball has a high status amongst other sports and every baseball kid should be proud of. Apart from that, there are several reasons why a baseball kid should continue playing baseball and be happy to be one.

  • Baseball kids are well coordinated

Playing baseball is one of the best ways to remain coordinated. Playing baseball needs great coordination in order to judge properly where a flying ball is going to land or keep a close eye on a pitch coming towards a plate. Therefore baseball kids have great coordination skills which they can carry along with them in every other domain of their lives.

  • Baseball kids are strong emotionally

As a baseball kid, there are moments when you will lose or win games same as in life when there are times u will lose or win. All these different experiences help you see the highs and lows of how life feels and enables you to handle them appropriately. Every baseball kid has a great value of sportsmanship and respect emotionally.

  • Baseball kids are always in good health

Many people always doubt the intensity of the movements during a baseball game but surprisingly these movements are sufficient to keep every baseball kid in good health and fit. Movements from swinging a bat, throwing a ball and running around bases give baseball kids good heart rates and help muscles become stronger and grow more flexible.

  • Baseball kids are great team workers

Baseball kids make good leaders and team workers. Baseball is a team sport that requires teamwork as a result, baseball kids rely on their other teammates to do the job both on and off the field. Once a kid starts playing baseball, they would learn the importance of teamwork and how beneficial it is in the game and in the society as a whole.

  • Baseball kids respect authority

Many kids find it difficult respecting those ahead of them and as a result always find themselves in trouble. Baseball kids are good at taking instructions and they are good at listening. Baseball kids also treat people around them both old and young respectfully.

Therefore as a baseball kid, you should be proud of yourself as you gain lots of fun while playing the game.