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As a baseball mom, watching your children play gives you a complete feeling of satisfaction especially when the children love the game. Although lots of baseball moms think that they have to become very tough and hard on their children before they know they are the best baseball mom it is not necessarily the case as most children barely need some love.

Thus it is a great thing when moms are involved in a baseball game with their children because they help bring out the best in them by supporting them from the house still the playground.

Nevertheless being a baseball mom is something to be very proud of especially when your kids love the game but it comes with lots of sacrifices. Several great baseball moms are ready to sacrifice for their kids irrespective of what it takes hence these makes baseball kids proud. Generally, a baseball mom needs to be loving and nurturing because this is what the children really want from their moms especially when they are down and discouraged. Therefore should be there to smile and take the rest of the day with their baseball kids with all love.

Being a baseball mom involves lots of sacrifices which baseball moms are proud to make. Being a baseball mom entails you take your kid to practice every time even when you don’t feel like going. It means supporting the coach make decisions which don’t favor your kid but still you allow because it makes them disciplined and stronger. It entails missing several dinners at home and probably landing on or eating hotdogs or fast food sold at the park.

It involves interacting with several other moms many of whom you may not be comfortable with. It also means watching your child fail and succeed several times in a game but still able to motivate them and don’t compare them with others. It entails talking to your kids when they lose a game and avoiding blaming teammates or behaving frustrated in front of your child especially when you feel your child did not do their best.

It entails giving full responsibility to your child to participate or partake in what is fully their own thus they kids have the rights to their performance.

As a Baseball mom you always want to have the following essentials in your kid’s baseball bag;

  • Bug spray or wipes
  • A towel (for wiping off dirty or wet bleachers)
  • A small umbrella (for those inevitable April showers)
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • Face and hand wipes (Baby wipes or Wet-Ones work fine!)
  • Sunscreen (Be sure to spray the kids before they start sweating!)
  • Travel-pack of facial tissue
  • Dermosplast or other similar spray (for cuts, scrapes, burns, and bites)
  • variety of bandages